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I am rotting in this rut of mine.

22 May

I’ve been in this horrible rut for almost 2 weeks.

I want to eat bars of chocolate, stuff my face with chips, and drink coffee like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m tired, stressed, uninspired. It’s quite annoying really.

I’ve felt like this before and usually I’ll snap out of it but this time is different. It’s like I’m set on destroying myself piece by piece.

No matter what I clean or cook or how many times I get up to go to the gym I just keep falling back down.

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s lack of sleep. Maybe it’s the stress and uncertainty.

Maybe, I need to suck it up and pull myself together.


Mother’s Day and why I hate it.

11 May

I hate Mother’s Day.

I’m a mother of two.

I work hard every day of my life providing for the physical and emotional needs of my family. I don’t expect anything in return.

I chose to be a mom.

Being a mom is a 24/7 job, not for the faint of heart. It’s work, work, work, the occasional sacrifice, and guess what? More work. But again, I chose to be a mom.

I don’t need a day for special recognition. I don’t want to go to brunch or dinner or presents. I don’t post things on Facebook asking if you’ve said happy day or if you remembered to call your mom or all that other bullshit that flies around on those days, whatever day it is that you celebrate it.

I don’t expect my kids or husband to make a fuss over me.

I don’t want it. I don’t need it.

I can’t stand moms that guilt trip their children, that demand shit just because I’m your mother. Get the fuck out with that. If you didn’t want to do the work you should’ve thought twice about opening up your legs.

I love my mom because she’s selfless. She’s always done whatever it takes to provide and take care of my brother and I to this day as old as we are. She does it without any expectations. She does it with pure, altruistic love. It’s her example I want to follow.

We don’t wait for Mother’s Day to buy flowers, cards, go to brunch, or give presents. We do it every day in any way we can.

This Mother’s Day you can find me in my pajamas, enjoying the day with my beautiful family, doing nothing. It’s what we would do any other Sunday and Sundays are always special because of the time we get to share together.

Don’t wait for holidays to show affection.

Live, love, laugh, today.

Monday glory.

29 Apr

Mondays are a blessing.

It’s the start of a new week. A new promise. A fresh start.

No matter how shitty last week was, what you did, didn’t do, said, ate, saved for later, ignored… Monday is always a new beginning.

So here’s to today.

Take the extra step, go outside, set some time to workout, be kind, eat more fruits and veggies, look at yourself and say, “Damn, I’m a sexy/kind motherfucker.”

Own your actions, forgive (but don’t forget that shit), clean your goddamn mess (you can’t get your zen on covered in dirty clothes and dishes), turn off the TV/phone/tablet and spend time with your family, listen to the people you love, and most importantly…

Live, love, laugh.

Vote for my kid.

22 Apr


Go to that link and vote for my bebe, please.

Stupid iPhone.

22 Jan

My family, ex-all day/all night Netflixers (did I just make up a term? You’re welcome, if not, bleh) have been without the internet and cable for 2 weeks now.

It feels like 2 years.

Parenting was so easy when I could play an episode of the Fresh Beat Band and go take a 10 min shower. Or just pee in peace without a baby crying or an unruly 6 year old screaming mommy, mommy every 3.2 seconds.

Life was pretty glorious when I could read the blogs I’m subscribed to, check Facebook all damn day, and post pictures of nothing on Instagram every 5 minutes. My life is spectacular and everyone needs constant updates on the book of me.

Well, in my mind they do. No one really needs to know or see every single detail of your life. But that’s our thing nowadays, it’s our culture. We’re a bunch of over sharing, instant gratification seeking assholes.

I want to enjoy my life without the need to be on my stupid iPhone but the addiction to it is worse than any other I’ve ever had.

I’m failing. It sucks. I would read a book but they ones I have are all covered in baby slobber and puke. I’d drive to the library but I have no car. I’d quit making excuses but damn, it’s the one thing I’m really good at.

Live, love, laugh.

Netflix, it’s been fun.

11 Jan

Hey Netflix,

I know we met about 2 years ago and it was love at first sight. You introduced me to Army Wives, Spartacus, Desperate Housewives, and The Biggest Loser.

I knew I could always count on you on those long nights I spent alone in my cubicle waiting for someone to call for troubleshooting help. You never judged my taste and even suggested other things I could try. You opened my eyes to the world.

But now that I’m becoming an actual independent adult and cutting all extra costs in order to get out of debt I have to say goodbye Netflix baby. Please. Shhhh. Keep sending me emails trying to get me back. I don’t mind.

I’ll always love you.

Live, love, laugh.


Maybe I don’t suck at parenting.

8 Jan


I’m not a perfect mother. I get frustrated, I lose it, I don’t always give the best example… I let my kid be vegan, a carnivore, skate and throw balls inside the house. I tell her it’s ok not to say sorry and that sometimes it’s ok not to share. I may not live up to the parenting standards of most people but these small act of kindness from my 6 year old give me hope and remind me to forgive myself every single day.

Live, love, laugh.