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Probably the best picture ever.

8 Feb


This gem worth at least 1,001 words was shot by my fiancé as I was running around trying to make my sick baby laugh. I know you’re thinking my face should be on magazine covers but let’s face it I’m much too shy and modest. Happy day! Live, love, laugh.


Behold! My before picture.

7 Feb


I’ll be posting more later tonight. I have a lot of toning to do and about 15 lbs to lose. Sexy and I know it! Ha. Live, love, laugh.

PVbody, why’d you have to go and do me like that?

3 Feb

It all happened one beautiful sunny day. I was having my morning cup of deliciousness and checking Instagram when I saw one of my friends in some really cute workout gear.

It was from and she loved them.

I looked them up online and read all their info, even watched a couple of their videos. I loved the idea. You pay $49.95 a month and get awesome brand name workout gear. How could I resist the idea of receiving Lululemon for crying out loud?

I did my very best to budget and saved enough to sign up. It was $39.95 and they were even going to be nice enough to throw in a free tshirt.

Free? I’m in love.

After 3 weeks my order finally arrived in an awesome bright pink bag. I screamed. Jumped up and down. Opened that bag as if my life depended on it.

Black leggings. Bleh. Gray tank top. Bleh. No. Free. Tshirt??? I called and emailed them but never got a response. I finally receive a standard we have read your email response that didn’t explain or apologize anything.

Oh well. I’ll give it another chance. February should make up for it. They were promoting all sorts of free items, Lululemon gift cards, and really fun looking clothes. I was liking and sharing everything as fast as my fingers could press.

I was really excited, believed all the hype, and gave myself a high five for supporting a new business. But it all quickly went down hill.

They charged my credit card the first week of January. So exciting! In 7-10 days I get a spanking new workout outfit!

10 days passed. I call customer service. They can’t find me. I can hear everyone else’s conversations. They’re confused. I ask them if they need my name? Address? Phone number? No luck. But they assure me my package is on its way.

Another week passes by. I call customer service, they still can’t find me. But please be patient your package is on its way.

It’s now nearing February. They finally find me. YOUR PACKAGE IS ON ITS WAY. Some guy named Justin says he will personally send it out and of course include the shirt I was missing from December.

February 1, 2012. I check Facebook. There are a lot of angry customers. PVbody or Ellie, apparently they no longer send out name brand clothes but send you some Ellie gear they design in house, refers to their customers as babes and is making excuses.

Please don’t call me babe. Please explain why you were able to charge all your customers, promote your brand non stop, make all sorts of promises, switch the layout and workings of your entire company but it’s February 3rd and I still don’t have my stuff. Why?

They respond to my post on Facebook. Please call our customer service they’ll sort this out right away. Oh, you mean the number I’ve been calling non stop for 3 weeks? Thanks.

And well, I finally received my clothes minus the shirt from December. Guess what I got? Colorful, innovative workout pieces like the ones I picked while making my style profile?


I received black Ellie capris (I DON’T WEAR CAPRIS) and a white tank top.

Who the motherfuck are you Ellie? I didn’t budget my money to sign up for seriously late, ugly, cheap, uninspiring pieces of clothing from an unknown brand.

I proudly and gladly go out of my way to support small businesses. However, I will not support a company that uses false advertising, promises of free items to reel in customers, and then not deliver.