Oh heeeey, still poor.

29 Jan

Here are some quick confessions…

1. I don’t remember the last time I shaved my legs and have now resorted to wearing boxers. I’m a sexy lady.

2. I have given up on deodorant.

3. I farted and blamed it on my baby more than once.

Cool things that have happened…

1. I learned to make some pretty tasty salsas.

2. I’ve worn and hit all my daily goals with my Fuel Band for a month! Don’t get too excited I’m still chubby but totally adorable.

3. I’ve stopped eating horrible calorie drenched meals after 8pm.

In case you were wondering…

Yes, we’re still poor and in debt but have made a lot of budget cuts and progress!!

We got rid of cable, the internet, and have made it a point to not eat out or purchase unnecessary overpriced coffee anymore. I’m making sure to buy produce that’s in season and trying my best to go through everything we have first before going to the store again.

It’s been hard but definitely worth it. Yes, I want to buy the cute boots that are on sale. It’s winter. I want the cozy sweaters, jackets, and skinny jeans. I want my girls to have new everything. I wish I could order yummy food and not have to clean up after cooking. I want I wish I want I wish.

I’m getting over it.

Live, love, laugh!


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