Stupid iPhone.

22 Jan

My family, ex-all day/all night Netflixers (did I just make up a term? You’re welcome, if not, bleh) have been without the internet and cable for 2 weeks now.

It feels like 2 years.

Parenting was so easy when I could play an episode of the Fresh Beat Band and go take a 10 min shower. Or just pee in peace without a baby crying or an unruly 6 year old screaming mommy, mommy every 3.2 seconds.

Life was pretty glorious when I could read the blogs I’m subscribed to, check Facebook all damn day, and post pictures of nothing on Instagram every 5 minutes. My life is spectacular and everyone needs constant updates on the book of me.

Well, in my mind they do. No one really needs to know or see every single detail of your life. But that’s our thing nowadays, it’s our culture. We’re a bunch of over sharing, instant gratification seeking assholes.

I want to enjoy my life without the need to be on my stupid iPhone but the addiction to it is worse than any other I’ve ever had.

I’m failing. It sucks. I would read a book but they ones I have are all covered in baby slobber and puke. I’d drive to the library but I have no car. I’d quit making excuses but damn, it’s the one thing I’m really good at.

Live, love, laugh.


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