My bank account is negative. Again.

3 Jan

Waking up to alerts from Chase letting me know my account is negative should be second nature by now.

But since I woke up after being up with a fussy baby and receiving no help from an addicted-to-my-phonsie baby daddy the news turned me into a slightly more attractive version of the Hulk.

I was miserable this morning. I hated the sun, the heater, the stupid oversized glasses I had to wear. I hated my boyfriend for fucking up my car and being an irresponsible asshole. I hated being poor and I wished I had never made such stupid decisions that led me to all the hatred I was feeling.

And while I don’t believe parents when they say that their lives are complete and they don’t desire vacations, luxuries, or the freedom to pee in peace, I have to admit that the sight of my two gap teethed kids makes my heart melt.

A frugal lifestyle has helped me value my time with them. It’s not all about making that money, honey. It’s fantastic to have. I wish I had more of it. But the most precious thing I’ve realized, is time.

You will never be able to buy more of it and once it’s gone you can’t request a refund.

Live, love, laugh.


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