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Hot chocolate dreaming.

30 Jan


A hot chocolate and a warm croissant was all I wanted. I settled for coffee and a piece of cinnamon toast. C’est la vie.


Oh heeeey, still poor.

29 Jan

Here are some quick confessions…

1. I don’t remember the last time I shaved my legs and have now resorted to wearing boxers. I’m a sexy lady.

2. I have given up on deodorant.

3. I farted and blamed it on my baby more than once.

Cool things that have happened…

1. I learned to make some pretty tasty salsas.

2. I’ve worn and hit all my daily goals with my Fuel Band for a month! Don’t get too excited I’m still chubby but totally adorable.

3. I’ve stopped eating horrible calorie drenched meals after 8pm.

In case you were wondering…

Yes, we’re still poor and in debt but have made a lot of budget cuts and progress!!

We got rid of cable, the internet, and have made it a point to not eat out or purchase unnecessary overpriced coffee anymore. I’m making sure to buy produce that’s in season and trying my best to go through everything we have first before going to the store again.

It’s been hard but definitely worth it. Yes, I want to buy the cute boots that are on sale. It’s winter. I want the cozy sweaters, jackets, and skinny jeans. I want my girls to have new everything. I wish I could order yummy food and not have to clean up after cooking. I want I wish I want I wish.

I’m getting over it.

Live, love, laugh!


Winter walks.

24 Jan


I made a promise to myself yesterday. Walk every damn day. Granted they’re 10-15 minute walks but still. Baby steps.


22 Jan

I’m ready.

I woke up with the worst stomachache ever and couldn’t stop thinking about all the junk I’ve been stuffing into my body for the past 2 years.

I have cellulite.

I have stretch marks.

My body flaps in places it shouldn’t.


I’m posting before pictures. It will be ugly.

Stupid iPhone.

22 Jan

My family, ex-all day/all night Netflixers (did I just make up a term? You’re welcome, if not, bleh) have been without the internet and cable for 2 weeks now.

It feels like 2 years.

Parenting was so easy when I could play an episode of the Fresh Beat Band and go take a 10 min shower. Or just pee in peace without a baby crying or an unruly 6 year old screaming mommy, mommy every 3.2 seconds.

Life was pretty glorious when I could read the blogs I’m subscribed to, check Facebook all damn day, and post pictures of nothing on Instagram every 5 minutes. My life is spectacular and everyone needs constant updates on the book of me.

Well, in my mind they do. No one really needs to know or see every single detail of your life. But that’s our thing nowadays, it’s our culture. We’re a bunch of over sharing, instant gratification seeking assholes.

I want to enjoy my life without the need to be on my stupid iPhone but the addiction to it is worse than any other I’ve ever had.

I’m failing. It sucks. I would read a book but they ones I have are all covered in baby slobber and puke. I’d drive to the library but I have no car. I’d quit making excuses but damn, it’s the one thing I’m really good at.

Live, love, laugh.

Goodbye, yellow tag road.

13 Jan

Yellow tags, yellow tags hanging from my door, don’t you know I’ve got no money? Please give me a break (two more weeks, what’s two more weeks?) and go.

I promise to pay you off but today is not the day, I’ve got groceries to buy and my hair is turning gray.

I’m talented. I know.

In all seriousness, I was drowning in a sea of yellow tags. They’d be everywhere. I’d be overwhelmed. I had to make changes.

My dad cut me off and gave me some speech about fishing which just made me crave salmon and that shit is expensive. Throw some asparagus and mashed potatoes and you had me at salmon.

No really, in order to start climbing my way out of debt I had to make major adjustments to my not-even-close-to affluent lifestyle. My fiancé and I decided to give up the internet, cable, new clothes/shoes, eating out, overpriced coffee, our gym memberships, and pizza.

We had our last pizza, beer, wings, and Netflix movie extravaganza last night. It was everything I thought it would be.

I’m really excited about paying off our debts and not coming home to yellow tags on my door. I can do this. We can do this. Being frugal doesn’t have to be boring. Here’s to discovering our neighborhood on a budget of free.

Live, love, laugh.

Netflix, it’s been fun.

11 Jan

Hey Netflix,

I know we met about 2 years ago and it was love at first sight. You introduced me to Army Wives, Spartacus, Desperate Housewives, and The Biggest Loser.

I knew I could always count on you on those long nights I spent alone in my cubicle waiting for someone to call for troubleshooting help. You never judged my taste and even suggested other things I could try. You opened my eyes to the world.

But now that I’m becoming an actual independent adult and cutting all extra costs in order to get out of debt I have to say goodbye Netflix baby. Please. Shhhh. Keep sending me emails trying to get me back. I don’t mind.

I’ll always love you.

Live, love, laugh.