Poor but happy, baby!

23 Dec

Leave a fresh faced 6 year old alone for 2 minutes inside Sephora and pink cheeks will happen, always.

Awesome frugal wins of the longest day, ever.

1. Our family of 4 spent the entire day (9am-9pm) store to store and managed to only spend $25 on food and drinks.

2. By combining sale items with online coupons I saved a grand total of $78.67. I even scored a hard cover copy of The Giving Tree for my daughter for under $10!

3. Fancy diapers? Never again. The Target brand diapers are 50% cheaper and just as effective.

4. No make up? Sephora. They’re super helpful and let you try on everything. Whenever I need something I buy it from there which doesn’t seem frugal in the beginning but the stuff is going on my face and I only have one face. I dabbed on a bunch of stuff and walked out looking like a not so tired mom of two million bucks without spending a dime. But, and it’s a huge but, don’t abuse it, like I mentioned before, I buy all my products from Sephora and do the whole make up application about once every 2-3 months.

I know it may not seem a lot but I’m new to this frugal, poor vida lifestyle. I did make a commitment however to fully embrace a no spending lifestyle. Starting January 2nd I won’t eat out, go to the movies, buy fancy caffeine drinks, get my hair or nails did, buy new clothes, buy new anything, and just spend money on necessities not wants.

My life is going to be awesome.

My daughter already says that we’re poor. We are, we’re not used to it but by not spending money we’re learning to embrace what’s important in life.

Family, kindness, patience, love. Things you can’t buy, things that are priceless. Things that truly represent the whole holiday spirit shindig.

Live, laugh, love.


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