Crossfit Dreamin’ on this winter’s daaaay.

20 Dec

I often dream of signing up for Crossfit. 75% of the people I follow on Instagram all have Crossfit, fit, Paleo, or WOD somewhere in their profile.

I like to tell myself that all my fitness problems would be solved and I would be in the greatest shape of my life, if, I had the money to join such a motivated and amazing community of athletes.

But I don’t. So I sit here eating bread and sipping on coffee that may or may not be topped off with whipped cream. I make endless excuses all justified with I can’t afford it.

I’m tired of all my negative reasoning. It’s making me fat and bitter.

Today I will get shit done, son. I have a jump rope, a hula hoop, a heavy baby to carry around, Just Dance 3, sneakers, and a water filter.

So friends, strangers, maybe future stalkers the question is…

Can an average, stay at home mom livin’ la vida pobre be just as fit as someone shelling out the big bucks for fancy food and a gym?

Join me on my journey to fight the accumulated fat cells that are now perfectly spaced out cellulite adorning my thighs all while reppin’ the poor vida and trying to avoid being featured in the People of Walmart site.

Remember to always appreciate what you have. Live, love, and laugh like there’s no tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Crossfit Dreamin’ on this winter’s daaaay.”

  1. thesweatproject December 20, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    I often have this same daydream except in mine I always tell myself I’m not in good enough shape yet to join crossfit. Just do something, be active, eat better and then you could do those crazy workouts that burn 1000 calories and make people look superhuman full of hotness. I could be one of those tattooed hard bodies. Then I realize to do all that, to be like that, requires commitment…extreme commitment. That’s my goal today, commitment. You’re on the right track. Thanks for expressing your thoughts. Keep it up.

    • poorvida December 20, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

      Thank you and good luck on your journey! One day we’ll have people admiring our muscles, wit, and dedication!

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