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My daughter the loser.

30 Dec


I am very much the disappointment of my family.

Once upon a time I was supposed to achieve great things.

I went from being the apple of my father’s eye to the almost 30 year old child he still needs to support. What happened? Where’s the straight A student? The scholar athlete? The homecoming princess? The gifted little girl with so much potential?

I don’t know.

I guess I made mistakes. Too many mistakes. I drowned myself so deep in bad choices that nothing has been able to save me.

But my father tries.

He sends me money. Pays the bills. Pays the rent. Gives me cars. He tells me he loves me, that everything he’s worked for is mine. He cries.

I am a loser and I am not proud.

Not proud of the unimportant, under achieving, blob that has contributed absolutely nothing to society, that I have become.

I have nothing to celebrate on NYE, no resolutions, nothing to look forward to. All I can do is reflect upon these last couple of years, find the moment I fell rock bottom, and find a way to start climbing out.

I’ll make you proud daddy. One day.



Priceless moments.

26 Dec







Life: It’s short.

24 Dec

This has probably been said before but life really is too short to worry about matching socks.

Life is short and unpredictable so love your children. Let them wear roller skates while doing chores. Let them eat their pancakes first. Let them be.

By respecting their individuality as silly as it may be you’re teaching them compassion and understanding.

Spending more money doesn’t mean more love. Presents don’t make or break you as a parent. The greatest gifts that you can give your child(ren) are free. Respect, kindness, unconditional love, patience, and discipline.

Live, love, laugh.

Poor but happy, baby!

23 Dec

Leave a fresh faced 6 year old alone for 2 minutes inside Sephora and pink cheeks will happen, always.

Awesome frugal wins of the longest day, ever.

1. Our family of 4 spent the entire day (9am-9pm) store to store and managed to only spend $25 on food and drinks.

2. By combining sale items with online coupons I saved a grand total of $78.67. I even scored a hard cover copy of The Giving Tree for my daughter for under $10!

3. Fancy diapers? Never again. The Target brand diapers are 50% cheaper and just as effective.

4. No make up? Sephora. They’re super helpful and let you try on everything. Whenever I need something I buy it from there which doesn’t seem frugal in the beginning but the stuff is going on my face and I only have one face. I dabbed on a bunch of stuff and walked out looking like a not so tired mom of two million bucks without spending a dime. But, and it’s a huge but, don’t abuse it, like I mentioned before, I buy all my products from Sephora and do the whole make up application about once every 2-3 months.

I know it may not seem a lot but I’m new to this frugal, poor vida lifestyle. I did make a commitment however to fully embrace a no spending lifestyle. Starting January 2nd I won’t eat out, go to the movies, buy fancy caffeine drinks, get my hair or nails did, buy new clothes, buy new anything, and just spend money on necessities not wants.

My life is going to be awesome.

My daughter already says that we’re poor. We are, we’re not used to it but by not spending money we’re learning to embrace what’s important in life.

Family, kindness, patience, love. Things you can’t buy, things that are priceless. Things that truly represent the whole holiday spirit shindig.

Live, laugh, love.

I’m not sorry that I’m not sorry.

21 Dec

I think I’ve said all of the sorrys in the world.

I’m sorry I cried. Sorry I’m sentimental. Sorry I’m angry. Sorry I walked away. Sorry I stayed. Sorry I said what I said. Sorry we’re taking up the same space. Sorry I interrupted you. Sorry your mom hates me. Sorry I forgot. Super sorry I still remember and won’t forget. Sorry my existence conflicts with yours. Sorry about the food. Sorry about the mess. Sorry we’re late. Sorry about the tantrums. Sorry I’m a mess. Sorry I need a break. Sorry I’m overwhelmed. Sorry for disappointing you. Sorry for having my own goals. Sorry for dreaming out loud. I’m sorry for being sorry.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m not sorry anymore. And I’m not sorry about it either.

I’ve wasted too much time apologizing for the stupidest things instead of focusing on what really matters.

Living, not just breathing.

I am an imperfect mess of a woman who fucks up quite often.

I have simple goals and far fetched dreams that keep me pushing. Here’s a list of things I haven’t yet accomplished but will one day.

1. I haven’t lost the baby weight.

2. I didn’t participate in any mud runs or races.

3. I wasn’t crafty.

4. I didn’t save a dime. My last dime was spent on a McDouble, no pickles please.

5. I didn’t pass the pencil test. Failing the test equals flat ass.

I will accomplish these things in 2013. I will also write horribly boring but charming blog entries every damn day.

Live, love, laugh.

Crossfit Dreamin’ on this winter’s daaaay.

20 Dec

I often dream of signing up for Crossfit. 75% of the people I follow on Instagram all have Crossfit, fit, Paleo, or WOD somewhere in their profile.

I like to tell myself that all my fitness problems would be solved and I would be in the greatest shape of my life, if, I had the money to join such a motivated and amazing community of athletes.

But I don’t. So I sit here eating bread and sipping on coffee that may or may not be topped off with whipped cream. I make endless excuses all justified with I can’t afford it.

I’m tired of all my negative reasoning. It’s making me fat and bitter.

Today I will get shit done, son. I have a jump rope, a hula hoop, a heavy baby to carry around, Just Dance 3, sneakers, and a water filter.

So friends, strangers, maybe future stalkers the question is…

Can an average, stay at home mom livin’ la vida pobre be just as fit as someone shelling out the big bucks for fancy food and a gym?

Join me on my journey to fight the accumulated fat cells that are now perfectly spaced out cellulite adorning my thighs all while reppin’ the poor vida and trying to avoid being featured in the People of Walmart site.

Remember to always appreciate what you have. Live, love, and laugh like there’s no tomorrow.


Almost winter walks.

19 Dec

Almost winter walks.

Nature? Always free. Babies? Never free, and should be avoided at all cost.